HME is your one-stop-shop solution to machine supplies, service and engineering. We offer the industry’s highest quality, dependable machine tools, including but not limited to Palmary, Takamaz, Weisser, EMCO, Seibu,  and Clausing.

HME uses a team approach in all of its business transactions, joining its sales, engineering and service experts to provide the best customer outcome. The company encourages its engineers to assist in the machine tools sales process to ensure full understanding of customer needs and expectations. Past business demonstrates this builds a stronger relationship between the customer and HME and provides an added and necessary knowledge base for engineers to be the most efficient and productive in solutions for each individual customer.

With more than 30 years of experience, Heartland’s sales team has unprecedented success in machine tool sales in Indiana, throughout the Midwest, nationally and globally. Heartland’s team is highly respected by the nation’s largest and fastest growing manufacturing industries. This success can be attributed to long-term, sustainable relationships, customer loyalty, fair pricing, and high levels of trust and dependability in applying advanced engineering, sales follow-through, and customer service.

Heartland Machine & Engineering works closely with our customers to engineer solutions that improve manufacturing processes. Our sales and engineering team works collaboratively to provide state-of-the-art solutions to machining needs. No other company can offer the same level of advanced technology and product knowledge, grinding background, customer sales relationships, or quality service as HME.

Heartland Machine & Engineering prides itself on responding to all service calls within 24 hours. We have experience servicing several types of machines and have an established and respected industry reputation of “going above and beyond” in ensuring customer satisfaction with products and services. Proud to announce the collaboration between HME and ColTer Precision to further service the customers of IN and MI.

Heartland Machine & Engineering offers a competitive advantage by aligning with Industrial Controls and Automation (ICA), offering turn-key solutions and a one-stop-shop to its customers. ICA is an automation integrator of Fanuc, ABB, MotoMan, and Sony robotics and also offers special-built automation and assembly machines for Heartland.

Heartland Machine & Engineering has a wide variety of automation tools to help customers achieve more profitable operations. By automating manufacturing processes, customers can eliminate unnecessary activities, streamline work flow, reduce costs, and improve production. HME offers the highest level of customer care, providing virtual CAD simulations of components to preferred customers through Espirit CAD software solutions. HME also partners with ICA, an automation integrator, for special-built automation and assembly machining using the robotics of Fanuc, ABB, Moto Man, and Sony.

To learn more about Heartland Machine & Engineering or its sales, engineering and service, call 317.346.0463 or email us at: