Takamaz XW-130

CNC 2 Spindle, 2 Axis Precision Lathe

Competitive Price. Great Production Speed.

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Loader cycle that will disprove common knowledge in loading technology

This new 3-axis loader is even faster with a loading time of 6 sec.This machine is equipped with high speed shutter,reducing shutter open/close time into half(with open/close <0.5 sec).Aminimum 18 sec cycle time (OP1-2)is achieved with this new loader cycle idea.

Pursuit of both cutting capability and precision

The adoption of the box sliding for the slide,φ100mm maximum spindle diameter and 11/7.5kW moter.Installation of the spindle base cooling system for stable machining precision.

Lower center of gravity・Space-saving design

A compact 1,890mm width machine design ensuring a 150mm X-axis and 160mm Z-axis slide stroke with a 1,000mm spindle center height.Easy acces to the spindle chuck and work turn device and easy change-over.

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