HURISE Co., Ltd. has nearly 40 years of machining processing and manufacturing experiences for various grinders: e.g., hydraulic internal, external, surface and centerless grinders.  Since 1994, we have concentrated on developing internal grinders.

The main purpose of Internal Grinder is to grind the internal diameter of workpiece for the final machining.  HURISE developed a very innovative and efficient “CNC Multi-Function ID/OD Grinder” to meet the needs of the market. Our grinders are equipped with the “double grinding wheel spindle” and “high-end control system”.  High concentricity can be achieved for grinding multiple faces: e.g. ID, OD, surface, end face, taper, etc.).

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D2 D2 CNC Multi-Function (ID/OD) Grinder for Long Sized Work PiecesThe workpiece can be loaded up to 1,000mm long.  Unique design of Steady Rest, significantly enhance its accuracy and lifetime.Equipping FANUC control system with HURISE designed software is to make machining becomes ease and efficiency.  User-Friendly operation.Click HERE to view more information about this machine.
D1 D1 CNC Multi-Function (ID/OD) GrinderThe patent “Double Grinding Spindle” can grind ID/OD, Inner/Outer end face, taper..etc by only ONE clamping, increasing the concentricity and efficiency of the production.We also offer you a poly granite base as optional. The base provide a excellent performance of low vibration and low heat transmission.Click HERE to view more information about this machine.
S10-F S10-F CNC Internal GrinderEquipped with FANUC CNC control system, for grinding “ID”, “end face” and “taper” up to 8 different faces in ONE clamping.Due to the digitized operation of global machine tool industry, our CNC and NC Internal Grinder equipped with advanced computer numerical control system. In comparison with conventional hydraulic internal grinder, our CNC and NC type grinder have higher stability and accuracy, very suitable for a mass and automation production.Click HERE to view more information about this machine.
S10-1 S10 NC Internal Grinder (Full splash guard /semi splash guard)This machine is designed to be fast and stable machining processing, applied in a large number of quantitative and simple workpiece and making it more competitive on production performance.Suitable for grinding face with mass production.  The user-friendly design is substantial increasing in processing efficiency.Click HERE to view more information about this machine.

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