About Us


Heartland Machine & Engineering delivers machinery solutions at competitive pricing and above industry standard engineering services with exceptional response time to service. This is what our customers want, expect and deserve. It’s the only way HME conducts business.

HME has three predominate advantages over its competitors:

Team Approach

HME has the industry’s most respected and knowledgeable sales and engineering team.  No other company can offer the same level of advanced technology and product knowledge, engineering experience, customer sales relationships, or quality service as HME.

Business Philosophy

HME’s sales team and engineers use a collaborative approach to selling and providing engineering service. Both teams learn about customer needs and meeting expectations prior to the sale; both teams work together during product ordering to ensure order accuracy and customer satisfaction; and both teams work together after the sale and installation to maintain product service promises and even guarantee a 24-hour turn-around time responding to customer service requests.

Sales Success

HME’s sales team has had unprecedented success in machine tool sales in Indiana and the Midwest. This success can be attributed to long-term sustainable relationships, customer loyalty, fair pricing, and high levels of trust and dependability in advanced engineering, sales follow-through, and customer service.